780 W EVO 8 Bar

1,920 μmol/s PPF
2,000 μmol/s BPF (ePar)
2.8 μmol/J
Full Spectrum
Samsung LM301H EVO 4000 K
Samsung LM301H 4000 K
Osram 660nm Hyper-Red
Optimum Blue 450 nm
Optimum Far red
Optimum Driver
Weight 13.7 kg
Dimensions 110 x 106 x 5 cm

780 W
3.25 A


Increased Blue
Deep blue (5K) targets peak chlorophyll & photosynthesis production for boosted vegetative growth & plant vigour.

Increased Red & Far-red
Higher Red and Far-red output (4K) for increased production in flowering plants. The right amount of Far-red light engages Emerson Eect, encourages early node staging and more flower sites.

Increased Red, Far-red + UVA/UVB
UV & Red & Far-red oers maximum BPF (ePar). This encourages lateral branching, less stretching, enhanced flower size and improves essential oils, taste and aroma.