60 W Single Bar
160 W UCL
UFO Series
630 W EVO 6 Bar
780 W EVO 8 Bar
800 W EVO 8 Bar
Smart Controllers

Calculating DLI:

To use the calculator simply enter the PPFD, then the hours of light you are providing per day. The DLI will be calculated for you.

DLI Calculator

DLI = 15

PPFD User Guide

The PPFD User Guide tells you at what height to run each PRO GROW LED fixture on any given week of your grow / bloom cycle. When learning to use your new LED it is important to follow these recommendations. The correct fixture height above the plant canopy will ensure your plants aren’t getting too much light, too soon. Always start with reduced light, slowly increasing to full light output at the middle of the flowering period.

LED Growing tips

PRO GROW LEDs offer full spectrum, high colour rendering index, horticultural lighting.

  • High light requirement plants need approximately 500 W / m of LED light.
  • 60 W Bars are suitable for seedlings and cuttings.
  • 100 & 200 W UFOs are suitable for supplementary or under canopy lighting.
  • 300 & 500 W UFOs and 630 W EVO LED & 780 W EVO LED Bars are all stand alone grow and bloom fixtures, dependent on the footprint of the grow area.
  • 800 W EVO LEDS are suitable for commercial facilities.
  • LED energy savings are achieved by reducing the heat load of indoor growing areas, requiring less air movement or HVAC.
  • LED lights provide the light energy for photosynthesis. Other environmental factors such as room temperature, airflow, circulation, media, nutrients, and plant genetics are just as important as the light source. Do not just focus on a single part of the growing process. Understanding all growth factors and their interconnection will further ensure your success. Grow like a pro with PRO GROW.
  • LED powered greenhouses may require additional heating in cold climates. The plant root zone may be warmed to 25°C in cool climates for increased growth rates.
  • Plants grown under LEDs in lower ambient temperatures may require less watering than with HID lighting. The use of well drained plant growth media or soils is advised.
  • The increased light intensity of LED light should be matched with increased nutrient strength. Nutrient strength may be increased by up to 30% more than the nutrient manufacturers recommended feed chart.

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